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There is a famous Hasidic story about a boy who could neither read nor write. Once on Yom Kippur, his father prayed in the bet midrash of the great tzaddik Baal Shem Tov; the boy did not know how to pray. He spent the whole long day among adults who offered prayers to the Almighty. The hour of Neil's final prayer has come. Unable to contain his emotional excitement any longer, the dumb boy took a pipe out of his pocket and began to play. The indignant father began to reproach him, however, the Baal Shem Tov stopped him:

“The voice of this child’s pipe,” he said, “raised our prayers to heaven.” Music is the path to understanding the hidden meanings of the Torah, and both life and death are subject to its power.

The origins of the musical culture of Ancient Israel probably go back to the era preceding the settlement of Jewish tribes in Eretz Israel. Information about the music of the First Temple is sparse, but based on biblical texts and archaeological evidence, it can be argued that it was an important part of spiritual life. The traditions that developed at this time subsequently developed and enriched. Ancient Hebrew music - primarily cult music - was one of the sources of the musical culture of the peoples of the Christian world. Later, during the long centuries of exile, Jewish music developed in its own ways.

The rich musical life of modern Israel continues and develops the musical traditions of various Jewish communities around the world.

Since the 19th century. Jews were actively involved in the musical life of almost all civilized countries of the world, engaged in composition and performance, musical science and criticism. Developing themes and images characteristic of both world art and the musical traditions of the country of residence, Jewish composers often turned to Jewish themes. Both in secular and non-national works the Jewish spirit and character often emerges, although sometimes barely perceptible...

The list of famous names alone can give an idea of the scale and significance of the spiritual contribution made by Jews to the treasury of world musical culture. But it would be incredibly long - all names, a whole forest of just names and two dates for each - definitely not corresponding to the format of the article. Therefore, I will talk (as always, well, accessiblely and beautifully - as best I can) briefly, only about the most significant figures in the musical art, which is called a “gallop through Europe,” leaving the USA and the states of the American continent “for appetizer.”



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